Spermatozoa, Determinants of Male Fertility

Spermatozoa are cells from the male reproductive system that are secreted together with semen when a person ejaculates. Perfect and quality spermatozoa are one of the keys to success in the fertilization process to create pregnancy. Come on, know the characteristics of healthy and quality spermatozoa here! Spermatozoa are carriers of male genetic material that determines the sex of children through X or Y chromosomes. The function of spermatozoa is to fertilize an egg in the process of fertilization, as well as to create new organisms called zygotes, which will develop from being an embryo to becoming a fetus. Structure and Characteristics of Spermatozoa Spermatozoa or sperm cells consist of 3 parts, namely: Head This is the core part of the spermatozoa which contains genetic material in the form of chromosomes. Hyaluronidase enzymes released from the head of spermatozoa function to destroy hyaluronic acid in the egg, so that sperm easily enter it. Neck and middle Loca
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